I ride through the time
Elongating the memories with surreal distortion
I ride for the feeling of freedom
I am perpetual, free from the lingering fear of death
I push myself to the edges of mortal capacity
Then I transcend the human pain
And enter that fourth dimension. 

The wheels no longer finger the ground
They float on passionate endeavor
A whole hearted and single minded effort
The rhythm of faultless circles going ’round
A pulsating rhythm that ascends above the world’s anguishes. 

The constant movement brings freedom.

Unregulated yet each gear fits perfectly
Unconventionally conventional
A detached form of movement. 

Each uniform motion I exert
Tells me how far I have travelled.

Letting the spirit of my surroundings feed on my movements
The more I push the more I merge
Reaching that point of almost effortlessness
Turbo boosted blood pumps through my muscles
My spirit feels at one with my body
Mind, muscles, spirit united in harmony
Fabricating a pure effort
Human body, mountains, rivers, trees, spirits, and bike.


One thought on “Balance

  1. Hi. I like your poem. I’m wondering if I can post the first 2 verses of it on my website. If you wouldn’t mind, can you please email me (quotesandtea *atGmail*) to discuss further details of the permission? Thanks in advance!

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