My stomach felt full, as if I had engulfed a cloudy day. Bleak and dismal, my mood matched the sky’s expression. As I sat on the rocks looking out, though, I realized the better I could imagine the impossible, the further I could escape from the overwhelming truth of reality. Lemon turned to pumpkin turned to strawberry, faded to black. My stomach murmured expectantly as it was a cloudy day no more.

Life Ring


I have found recently that I tend to be unhappy when I am inside. Not that forms of social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram cannot entertain me for hours, which they can and have, by the way. When I am inside, I become engrossed in others’ social lives, dependent on awaiting a response,  obsessed with likes, and that is hardly a content feeling. Recently, there have been a lot of videos and movements urging our generation to step away from electronics and into the outdoors, and I truly think they are on to something.

Maybe the life ring to pull me in from the recent waves of woe is right outside…