The Motley

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Since I’ve been so busy after coming to school, I haven’t had much time to take pictures. I photographed our school’s coffee house’s opening night for the newspaper, and it was a wonderful time. If you are ever in the area, please come check it out!



Today marks the day I have to say goodbye to a remarkable person, who leaves for school 2,000 miles away. As excited I am about starting college life and embarking on my new journey, I know I will miss familiarity and comfort. Just like how even though my school is known for having amazing dorm food, I know I will miss eating my dad’s concoctions of healthy foods and my mom’s Taiwanese-Chinese meals. Just like how I already have elaborate plans to make my dorm room glorious, I will miss my own bed and the room I have shared with my sister for so many years. Just like how I know I will meet fascinating people and make lifetime friends, I know I will miss you.

Good luck, R